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Globally recognised software visionary, solutions innovator, industry pioneer and thought leader. Highly skilled in creating and delivering IT strategies for startups through global enterprises. Built numerous world-class development organisations. Innovated many acclaimed applications and technologies, including the Agile methodology Feature Driven Development (FDD).

Optimist | Altruist | Artist


I am passionate about people and happiness. I strongly believe in the attitude of gratitude and practicing kindness at all times. I live and act as if you get back what you give. I try to always tell the truth – life is so much simpler when you do. I am a romantic and a lover of the arts.


Feature Driven Development

Agile Software Development

Feature Driven Development (FDD) is one the founding Agile methodologies. FDD is proven in practice and came from many years of successful project delivery. It strongly emphasises the four Agile value statements even though it predates them. What sets FDD apart is that it is not just programmer oriented. The role of the Project Manager and the role of Chief Programmer are first class all the way through the software development lifecycle. So is the client (customer) as FDD projects are tracked and reported in terms of client-valued features. The features list is itself an expression of the functional requirements and this structure represents ever increasing value to the client.

FDD directly helps a Project Manager answer the questions "How far along are we?" and "How far is there left to go?" It helps programmers by giving them simple and clear guidance on what to do and when, and how that will relate to progress and value to the client.

To this day, FDD tracks better and more meaningfully for line of business corporate development than other Agile methods.

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Speaking, Teaching, Consulting, Projects

I've done many speaking, teaching, and consulting engagements but what I really like doing is transforming people and organisations. I primarily do that through running software development projects. There's a lot to dislike about Corporate I.T. but being able to bring a team together and to show them better ways to do things, and to then sit back and guide and watch as they grow is very satisfying. It's what keeps me doing this.


Be a better Expert in one field by becoming a Novice in another

I am not a great painter. I have no great paintings to show off. In 2009 I signed up for a twelve week oil painting class at RISD. I was completely overwhelmed. I did not even know how to put paint on a palette, let alone do something with it. But, I persevered. After two weeks, I told the instructor I felt I'd learn more if I stopped flailing around with the tools and just observed others painting. The next lesson he started a painting for about half an hour while we all watched. It was just the jump start needed. Later in the course, I almost gave up. It was so hard. But I stuck with it and I got an A for the class. I was also able to relate and improve my experience with inspections and walkthroughs from the "critique" process heavily used by RISD. I learned many lessons from being a novice in another field.


"I'm sure if Shakespeare were alive today, he'd be doing classic guitar solos on YouTube." Peter Capaldi.

After Larry signed my guitar, he stopped to tell the crowd a story about a kid who brought a guitar to Les Paul himself to sign. So, this kid brings up a guitar for Les to sign and it’s not even a Gibson. Anyway, the kid says to Les "Will you sign this please? Sorry, it’s not a Les Paul." So, Les grabs a sharpie and signs it and says "Now it is."